Thursday, February 16, 2012

Craft Room: Part 1

I've recently been blessed with more time on my hands...and with that time I plan to do more of the things that I love, and spend that time with people that I love! Since I have been "creating" new and fun things, my house has turned into a HUGE mess! I find thread attached to just about every pair of shoes I have, and even on my husbands fresh laundered socks. In order to help reduce this mess, my husband so generously agreed that I could turn one of our guest bedrooms into a craft room...and this was my birthday present! WOO HOO! So first, I had to come up with a plan...having a degree in Interior Design helped this process go smoothly!

This is the plan for the tall storage units with adjustable shelving.

This is the plan for my work/sewing desk.
This was a guest bedroom and I had moved the bed out before I thought to document the process, but here is the before:
Lots of craft stuff piled up!

It's also our laundry room (but the ironing board only got put up when guests were expected)...I'm terrible, I know!

So we had the room, and we had a plan we just needed to execute said plan...this is where the spending time with the people I love comes in! My husband had a week of vacation planned for the end of January, so we went to Oklahoma for a few days to see his/our brother and then we came home and our motto was "DO WORK SON!", and that's just what we did. It just so helps that my Big Daddy-O (father-in-law) has a barn/workshop with tons of cool toys tools, and the skills to use them (which he has also taught the hubster) so between the two of them and my excellent supervisor skills we got started!

The hubster and Daddy-O ripping down plywood to start the cabinets.

Drilling for adjustable shelving.

All the adjustable shelves...I got to sand these!

All the pieces cut out to make drawer boxes.

I know this seems like a lot of work, and it was, but we took breaks and had playtime too!

This is Jack in the office at the barn (he prefers this spot to most).

My better half (shooting varmints out the back door).

Nap times were a must! =)

All the building and painting and then we had a completed product ready to be installed!!

Painting all those cabinets!
Notice in these pictures, we had the room (partially) painted...all the walls that needed paint for the cabinets to be installed. My Ma'am (mother-in-law) was so gracious to help me do this so I didn't delay the guys any!

Installing the tall storage cabinets.

Posing for a photo op! (How can you not just love him?)

My desk all installed!

Just look at all that storage! =)

And now I'm sure you're just anxious to see the finished product, right? Well...stay tuned! I'm getting off this computer right now to go finish painting those walls and clean it up some so I can take that picture! You'll learn this about me, but I am far from perfect and often find myself agreeing with the quote "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?". But, be patient and I will get it finished, and try my best to have that AFTER photo posted for you tomorrow!

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