Friday, February 24, 2012

DIY Project: Chalkboard

In my attempt to organize my new craft room, I realized I needed a place for my lists. I love to make lists, it makes me feel organized...and let's face it, random sticky notes everywhere just didn't accomplish that "organized" look I was going for! So my remedy: a chalk board to hang on the wall so I can keep my lists in clear view and update them as needed. I'm pretty particular, picky about certain things (I do bear the nickname Picky Nikki with good reason). So I searched for a chalk board to purchase and none of them worked for me, none of them screamed, "Pick me to live in your craft room!", so I decided I would make one!

It was very easy, and the only thing it really took was time, and about $10.00 (if you don't already have any of the supplies). So, here is how I did it, so you can maybe make one also!

First of all, I have a lot of random collections at my house. I'll save something with the thought of making it useful one day. Like this cabinet door for example:

It has the perfect potential for a chalk board!
If you don't have a random cabinet door laying around your house, try checking with your local cabinet company. They usually have rejects and wrong sized doors that they will make you a deal on. I snagged this one from the company I used to work for, it was a perk that it was free...but usually they won't charge you more than $5 - $10 per door.

So I purchased some chalk board paint from Wal-Mart for just under $5.00. I read the instructions and painted the inside panels I wanted to use as the writing surface.

I applied 2 coats, waiting an hour for drying between coats.
 I didn't take a picture of the next step, but you can see it below. I painted the outside rails of the door white, to match the craft room. I just used acrylic paint I had in my collection. Being that it was white paint, it took about 3 coats and dry time. Once it was completely dry, I drilled holes in the back and hung it on the wall.

I decided to title my lists, they are on-going lists of: TO DO and SHOPPING LIST. For these titles I had some foam sticky letters I had gotten from the Dollar Deals and Target a few years ago. Finally got to use them!

I also needed a way to attach my chalk, because if it wasn't attached I would be constantly searching for it! I thought of ribbon, quick and easy. I have a plethora of ribbon, so I picked black and white polka dots to go along with the paint colors. I just tied it around the chalk and then used a clear push pin to attach the other end.

Ta Da! My new chalkboard...I'm very pleased with the turn out!

Those lists are filling up fast!
And folks, that's how the cookie crumbles! =) Now, it's time for me to go tackle a few items on that To Do List!


  1. Nikki,
    That looks great! You do have a lot to do!

  2. is finish my quilt on your list?

    1. It is...won't be there this week either, but we'll get them finished! =)