Tuesday, February 28, 2012

National Pancake Day

I LOVE pancakes! Growing up my daddy often made us pancakes for breakfast on Saturday mornings, topped with butter and syrup. Occasionally, Mom and I would top ours with strawberries and whipped cream! YUMMY! So, to celebrate this day (created by IHOP) we had pancakes for dinner. No fruit or whipped cream today, Matt has a strict "Don't fruit the waffles/pancakes" rule (I break this whenever possible)! =)

Yummy to my tummy!
In honor of this day, I researched pancakes and thought it was interesting to see the different names for pancakes used all over the world:

France - crepes
Germany - pfannkuchen
Netherlands - pannenkoeken
Austria - palatschinke
Greece - tiganites
Spain - frixuelos
Australia - piketes
Africa - injera
North America - hotcakes, flapjacks, (and of course) pancakes

I love corny cheesy jokes, stories, or anything...so I'll leave you with this cheesy joke:

How is a game of baseball like a pancake?

They both need a batter!<---(highlight there for answer) 

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