Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pig Wrangling

So, today was just a typical Tuesday...went to Mineola with my Ma'am to visit Nanny (Matt's grandmother) and enjoyed a tasty lunch (and pick up her serger she is letting me borrow) YAY! We enjoyed the beautiful weather on the ride home and I had HIGH hopes of catching a 'lil nap once we got back. We were just coming up the last hill before the gate, my bed calling my name and what did we see? Hmm...a calf? Yes, definitely beef! I said, "Uh Oh, someone's cow got out." As we got closer I was thinking "pig" in my head but no, that's way too big to be a pig, it's a calf...and we got closer...PIG!!! Oh my! First thing I go for: IPhone, Matt's not gonna believe this sucker!

Ok, he looks a lot smaller now...he was up on the hill next to the fence and was half as high, I promise!
 He was super friendly and proceeded to come over to the car to see us; I noticed he had a tag in his ear. Oh, a show pig, I'll get out and see the tag number, call the Anderson County Extension Office and find out whose pig this is! Well, it isn't a tag number of Anderson County or Henderson County...most likely a commercial pig. We didn't want him to be bacon before his time, and someone else be injured from hitting him on the road so we thought we could put him in the pen behind the house. Liv (Matt's little sister) used to have a show pig and the pen is still there, and she also had a hog bat/slapper/whip (or whatever you want to call it). So I tried my skills at being a Pig Wrangler...and turns out I found a new Nak! (tee hee)
This was after about 1/2 a mile...she was getting ornery!!

She kept wanting to go down the hill instead of up but, persistence prevailed!
Finally in the pen...isn't she a beauty? (Probably about 300 lbs.)

That'll do pig, that'll do!
 So, needless to say, I didn't get that nap I was wanting, I got some exercise instead! Just a normal day in the country and now I can add pig wrangler to my resume! =) Still looking for the pigs owner...I'll keep you updated!

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  1. We found Zoey's family!! She is happily re-united with her owners (which include 3 and 5 year old little boys who ride her) how fun! =)