Monday, April 23, 2012

Flower Bed (...still to be continued)

When I started the first post about my flower bed, I had no idea it would be a series! That is how life goes, so I thank you for your patience!! Last Thursday was a busy day, but I had "buying plants" on my To Do List while I was in town and I was going to get it done! I made the mistake of getting my allergy shots first, ha! So, I went to Lowe's and got the amount of plants, the lack of knowledge I had on plants, and allergies. I was so close to going back to my car and leaving...but I persevered! I finally found the plants with the orange tag (Morning Sun only). Why is it that all the bright pretty fun flowers are full time sun? Oh well...I still found some good ones! I had some interesting conversations with the lady who worked at Lowe's, she coached me some and pointed me in the right direction. Then while looking at Gardenia's a lady showed me a picture of hers on her phone. Her exact words, "Darlin, here's my baby's in a pot because I live in an apartment, and yes it's gangsta crooked but I like it that way." She was a hoot! She offered to be my gardening buddy and come help me, but when she found out where I "stayed" she said took back that offer..said it was too far! I was then in better spirits and made up my mind to be decisive! I bought paper to put down to block out my weeds and stakes to keep it in the ground. The flowers I purchased were: 3 rose bushes, 3 gardenias, and 7 begonias. I'm happy with my choices.

So, I came home and weeded the plot again, put down the paper to keep weeds out and set the plants in place to make sure I liked the arrangement. Matt said it looked good, and I got Daddy-O's approval also. So, this was, 5 days later, the plants made it in the ground. It was a busy weekend! But, I did keep the plants watered! I still have plants to purchase, I'm thinking hydrangeas, and also monkey grass to edge the sidewalk. Once I get those in, I will mulch and this project will finally be complete! (might be Fall before this happens...hehe!) I'll try my best to get it done this week.

So, here are pictures I took this morning after I planted:

Still work to be done...but here's a progress update!

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