Thursday, April 12, 2012

Flower Bed (Update...still to be continued)

If you remember, I posted back in march about our new flower bed, and how it would be a swimming pool for flowers if we planted then. Well...guess what? We now have gutters!! Yay!

Jack is proud of our gutters too!
On Tuesday afternoon, I went to the barn and helped Daddy-O put the gutters together: the long section on the left and the corner joint, the end caps, and pretty much as much as we could so it would be fast and easy the next day. Of course, I forgot my camera at I don't have any pictures to show. Sorry! =(  But, we used rivets to attach all the pieces together, and I tell you what...that's addicting! Rivets are a new fascination of mine! Daddy-O gave me a new nik name...can you guess?

Rosie the Riveter!
Ahh...what an iconic lady, huh? I tell you what...I have always loved Rosie! When I lived in Austin, my bathroom was decorated to match this poster. Yellow walls, red bath mats and accessories, this huge poster hanging on the wall and of course, this book resting on the back of the toilet (just because it's all about the little details).

Just what every girl needs on the back of the toilet, right?
Well, needless to say...I enjoyed being associated with good 'ole Rosie! Then yesterday, the hubster and Daddy-O put up the gutters! I was working at the quilt shop, so I asked Matt to take a few photos for me...he did a great job!

Ready for installation.

About to go up...Gus is supervising!

We have gutters!
They also did a great job on the gutters! Thanks guys! As you can see I need to weed the flower bed again! Then I will fertilize and add Epsom salt (recommendations from the pro's), lay down black paper to keep the weeds out...plant my flowers and then add the mulch! I'm so excited and ready to start. First, we have a quick trip to Oklahoma City Friday for a wedding, then to stay the night with Spence. Up Saturday morning and to Dallas for some shopping, birthdays, graduations, etc.. Home for church on Sunday, yard clean up day after church and hopefully planting on Monday...although the weather is calling for 60% chance of maybe Tuesday. However, rest assured that once it is planted, you will get the full update! I'm just so excited!

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