Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Tuesday

Once I became a Chaffin, my husband introduced me to, "Happy Tuesday". It's not a particular day, or every Tuesday...just random Tuesday's where you give or get a surprise to make it a HAPPY one. Tuesday's often get lost in the mix...just one of those days, between your typical "case of the Monday's" and "Thank Goodness It's Friday". Previous Happy Tuesday gifts have included (given and received):
  • cards
  • candy
  • flowers
  • glow sticks
  • Coach purses (That was a REALLY HAPPY Tuesday!)
And many other fun things...I must say my Mattie's love language is giving, and he is very fluent in this love language. Well, today I was the recipient of a Happy Tuesday gift from my Ma'am (mother-in-law), and what a FUN one it is!

How awesome is this? First, I love ANY and ALL cookbooks...and one of my passions is baking. This is full of fun stuff! So many tasty treats! I can't wait to make them all! Heather has a blog, I just went to check it out, and the top post is  Coca-Cola Cupcakes with Salted Peanut Butter Icing, yummy! Needless to say, I now follow her blog!

Here are a few images from her book...


Very Informative...

I see these everywhere...I guess I'll have to try them to see what the rave is about!

I just immediately think these with Red Velvet Cupcakes for a Fun & Festive Fourth of July!

And for the grand finale...I had to save the best for last:

Yes, it does in fact say, "Banana Pudding Cake". These could very easily be my favorite three words in the world, well right after I LOVE YOU...which could be a new sentiment I feel towards this cake! I definitely can't wait to try this out!

Just thought I would share my little "Happy Tuesday" with you...and urge you to treat yourself to a happy Tuesday and get this book also! You can get it here.

So, once again I will say, "THANKS MA'AM!!!" Hope you all have a Happy Tuesday! =)


  1. I saw a sweet book for a sweeter girl!
    Love you bunches!!

  2. Tuesdays must be a very popular gift giving day! Jake loves to give gifts on random Tuesdays for no reason what so ever : ) I've come to really enjoy them!