Monday, June 25, 2012

Green Egg Review

For Father's Day, my Honey (grandmother) got my dad a Green Egg. He and my mom have wanted one for a long time, so they were super excited!! On Friday, we packed, loaded and moved Honey from Tyler back to Palestine. When we were all finished, we decided to go to the lake and go swimming and have dinner (cooked on the Green Egg). Mom and Dad took the U-Haul back and stopped at the grocery store, while Matt and I took our nephews with us to Loren's in Elkhart for steaks. We all met back home and swam and cooled off and then started dinner!

The Green Egg!
We put charcoal in the bottom and lit it, let it burn for 10 minutes and then closed the top of the egg and opened the dampers. It got to temperature quick!

Looking through the open damper on top.

It was 400 degrees and still cool to the touch.
Once it reached 500 degrees, we put the steaks on:

We let it get back up to temperature and cook for 2 minutes, then flipped them.

Dad was the genius behind the Green Egg...Matt was a good helper too!

Flipped and ready to cook the other side.
We let it get back up to temperature and then cooked for another 2 minutes. It was a waiting game!

Uncle Matt, with the boys (and Dutchess the dog) waiting patiently!
Once the timer went off, we took the steaks off the Green Egg and put them in a foil pan with a foil "tent" over the top. We let them sit for 10 minutes...

We had a photo session while waiting...all I can say is "Boys will be boys!!" You can see the facial expressions and just imagine what the littlest one did! I love my nephews so much...they are so clever and hysterical! We had a good day together!

After the ten minutes, dinner was ready:
...and it was delish!! Consensus was the Green Egg was a success, we can't wait to try it out with other new and exciting things!

Just had to share this picture:

the Boys, Mom, Dad and Matt
We had a wedding in Tyler the next evening and all went to Wasabi's for dinner...the sushi was wonderful, and such a fun experience! =)