Monday, June 18, 2012

Rangers Game & Wedding Weekend

 This weekend was jam packed and a BLAST! It started off on Friday with a trip to Arlington with some great friends, Clint & Nicole Herring. Nicole and I have been friends since elementary school and Clint and I have been friends since high school. Clint and Nicole started dating in high school and then we all went to TJC together after graduation (Matt was at TJC at the same time, we just hadn't met him yet). They got married and have 3 beautiful kids now and I'm blessed to say that we are all still friends! We had made plans to go to a Rangers game a couple of months ago and were so excited the time had come!

Matt, me, Nicole and Clint
We had so much fun together...Matt and Clint are two funny fellas! The game was a good one, and the Ranger's won! Yay!!

It was also a Friday game, so they had a fireworks display after the game to 80's was awesome!

We got home about 2 AM on Saturday and got a little sleep then got up and headed to Lakeview for the Lightfoot Family Reunion. We stopped at the hospital on the way to see the Paul's and 'lil Presley again, and took some food out to their house for when they got home. Then it was fun, fellowship and family. It's good to get together and visit with people you don't get to see often. We enjoyed lunch and then headed home to finish a project and take a nap!

Then it was up and at em to get ready for a wedding Saturday night. It was a sweet ceremony and Ricky and Samantha like to have a good time! There were so many friends in attendance, and we all had fun!

Our Family - Kristen, Hank, Matt, Me (sitting: Mom and Dad)

Hank's Family - Kristen, Mary Beth, Hank, Kent (MB's boyfriend) - sitting: Mr. Steve & Mrs. Effie

Both Families together - with Aunt Mary (in the middle, black dress) - Mother of the Groom!
This group of folks are so much fun, we look forward to every get together! It's such a blessing to have amazing (in-law) families to share fun events with!

Also, our friend, Tarah (aka Tootie) was there! She was our neighbor growing up for 15+ years, so she might as well be a sister! Today also happens to be her birthday...Happy Birthday!! =)

Sisters - Me, Tootie & Kristen
 Here's a flashback for ya...
Still best of friends!

And us girls with mom!

Then on Sunday we celebrated Father's Day with my dad and then with Matt's was a great weekend!

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  1. How remind me how truly Blessed we all are. And don't look now but I'm thinking the last pic matches your Beautiful quilt! jsn Lol!!!