Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shiny, Sparkly, Special Something

There is an item that I have worn everyday for the past two years and I didn't know how much I would miss it until it was engagement ring and wedding band! It was not gone for good, just took a trip to the shop to get checked, repaired, cleaned, etc. I am so happy to have them back! Not only did my ring finger feel lonely, but on several occasions it would have been nice to have, but just look how sparkly and shiny...definitely worth the wait!!

Our rings.
My rings.

Matt's ring.
Do you need your rings spruced up? I know an A-MAZING jeweler! We've referred several friends and we are all so happy with their work! Gary (father) and Darin (son) have both helped Matt and I in picking out and designing our rings. They are both so pleasant and patient. Gary has retired and Darin recently opened his own boutique jewelry store with his sister. I strongly urge you to check them out, you can do that here. We've been so pleased with everything, including their very reasonable pricing. So give them a call next time you're in need of something special, or just need to have your something special spruced up, you will only be pleased! Oh yah, and tell them Matt and Nikki say "Hi!".

**Cheesy story: I picked up our rings today while in Dallas, so when Matt got home I held his ring out in my hand and asked him to marry me...he said yes!** (I love that man for putting up with me!)

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