Friday, May 25, 2012


So on Day 4 of our Great Adventure, we woke up in Nashville and had breakfast at the hotel. Our plans were to go skeet shooting, yes we packed our shotguns, but the place didn't open until 10 and we really didn't want to just wait around until then. So, we got on the road and headed to Memphis. You can't be that close and not go check out Graceland, right? So we did.

First, we took a tour of the house:
Living Room

I believe this was his mother's room.


Shooting Room.

Lounge outside of Racquetball Court

My abstract photography
Then we toured the automobile museum:

Then, we toured the was interesting, but because of no flash, every picture I took had a glare, but I'll share this one with you:
Us in Elvis' mirror on his plane.
And of course the gift shop:

Matt and I with our Elvis shades.
It was fun going and seeing Graceland, it wasn't one of our favorite things of the vacation, but you have to go and see. So we saw and now it's checked off the list!

We tried to find something to do in Arkansas on the way to Oklahoma but everything we came up with didn't pan out, so we just drove on through to Oklahoma City and arrived at Spencer's house around 10:00 p.m. So we visited with him and ma'am and then crashed. The next day started the preparing for graduation festivities and also the Bourland Boy's baseball game. I'll share all about our Oklahoma weekend next week! Now, I'm off to Arkansas for the weekend with family and friends. I share about that next week too! Everyone have an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

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