Monday, May 21, 2012


Hello bloggers!! seems like I haven't been on here in forever! I apologize for not staying up to date, but promise to catch you all up on our lives this week! Week before last Matt and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary and took a road trip, 10 states in 5 days (it was a blast)! Then we celebrated Spencer's graduation from OCU School of Law that weekend. As we were driving home from Oklahoma, I received a call from my mom that they were taking my little sister (15 weeks pregnant) to the ER, potential appendicitis. She had her appendix removed on Monday night, and we were so glad to be there for that. She and the baby are doing great! We built a shop area for our neighbor Tuesday and caught up on work the rest of the week and then Olevia graduated from High School Saturday evening. So, today was full of cooking meals for Hank and Kristen so she wouldn't have to this week. But, I promise starting tomorrow I will update you on all the details of vacation, graduations, etc. and also share some recipes and projects I have been working on! Hope life is treating you all well! Can't wait to catch up and get back in the routine! =)

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