Thursday, May 31, 2012

Olevia's Graduation

After we got home from celebrating Spencer's Law School graduation, we had to a week to recuperate and then we had Liv's High School graduation.

She wanted a white dress for graduation, and I got the honor of making it for her! She accessorized with gold jewelry and shoes and wanted something different for her hair, she had a few pictures and we combined different aspects of each and this is what we came up with:

Liv in her dress!

The "hair" bow!
A few family members and close friends came in and we went to dinner in Tyler and then headed to her graduation.

Matt and I at dinner.
After dinner, we headed to The Brook Hill School in Bullard for graduation. It was such a sweet time!

Our Graduate!
Here are a few photos from after:

**Quick story: SoSo is from Nigeria and boarded at The Brook Hill School while attending there. On the weekends, for probably the last  6 months she would come and stay at the Chaffin's and also spent Holiday's. So, she is practically family now! **

Liv and SoSo

The Chaffin Clan (Spencer was there in spirit)!
Olevia plans to attend TJC in the fall and hopes to transfer to Florida after two years, or possibly Texas State. Matt and I are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments, and also proud she is following both of our footsteps and becoming an Apache! She was also offered a job yesterday as a lifeguard on campus! This is one proud sister-in-law (I was a lifeguard too), I know she will go far in life and we are blessed to see her through every step of the way! =)

Also an update since I am so late posting this: Liv took me to dinner last night as a Thank You for helping her get ready for graduation, etc. We had a girls night at Lago Del Pino in Tyler, and had a blast!

Girls Night Out!


  1. You have so many good stories to share...this is one of my favorite's!