Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So, I've downloaded and looked at pictures from vacation...and there is a bunch! So, I'm going to post about it a day/event at a time. For starters, we have Talladega...what a fun experience! Matt is a fan of NASCAR, but I personally had never been to a race, and since it was on our way we said, "Why not?" I'm so glad we did.

We left here early Saturday morning and drove Interstate 20 most of the way...we got to the race track around 3:30. I didn't know what to imagine, but this was my first sight of Talladega:

This race track is right on the side of the Interstate, and if you purchase a ticket to the race, you get free camping for the weekend. So we brought our tent and joined the crowd!

These people brought the party bus!

This is just a quarter of one camping lot!

Sweet Home Talladega!
We walked around Saturday when we got there and got our Fan Vision and souvenirs...then we grabbed Papa John's pizza from the truck and went back to our tent. We chilled for a bit and then walked around to see all the campers...it was quite entertaining!!

Entry to Talladega
About 6:30 Sunday morning it was sprinkling and we decided we'd just stay in the tent and wait it out. A few minutes later we felt the tent, and it was not rain proof! Ha! So we made the executive decision to pack it up quick and go somewhere dry to wait it out. We packed up and jumped in the car (still in our pajamas), and headed to Cracker Barrel. We changed into clothes, brushed our teeth, and sprayed down with body spray in the parking lot before going in for breakfast. It was a yummy breakfast and we waited out the storm there. We were nervous about the weather, because the radar didn't show signs of improvement until way later in the afternoon! But thankfully the weather passed and the race was on! We went back to the track and laid our tent on top of the jeep to dry, along with towels and wet clothes and headed back to the track.

Sporting our #48 colors!

The walk to get to this place from the campsite was no joke at least 2 miles...great exercise!! We got there and got set up and watched them dry the track...those trucks with jet engines were awesome!

Drying the track...

You could see the water evaporating!
We were right in front of Pit Road.

The flyover was too cool!

Race Ready!!

There's Jimmie, when he was in first...

and here was Jimmie's exit...hit debris leaving pit road and it broke a belt.
We were both disappointed, because Jimmie Johnson is our favorite, but it was still cool to see the race! The race was a good one, the people are super friendly, and we had an all in all great time! Definitely an experience of a life time!

Leaving the race track.
Once we walked the 2 miles back to the car, we headed for Asheville, North Carolina, and that my friends is a story for tomorrow!

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  1. On your first picture, the hand on Matt's shirt looks like it's your arm. Too Funny!