Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oklahoma - Spencer's Graduation

So our Road Trip vacation ending in Oklahoma City for Spencer's graduation from OCU School of Law. We arrived Wednesday night and just chilled and then went to bed. Thursday morning we woke up and had Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast, yummy! Then ran some errands, met with various people and checked out the venue for the party Saturday night. It was a fun day...which ended with a baseball game! Sam and Jake, Matt's little cousins play for the bears (a.k.a: The Bad News Bears) and we had to go watch the game while we were in town.


We had a blast watching these guys! We then had dinner with their family and went back to Spencer's and crashed. Friday we had more errands to run and things to pick up for Saturday, we did that and then Matt and I went to the movies. After the movies, Spencer had an awards ceremony at his school and we all attended.
The fam with Spencer & his friend Vu.
After the awards ceremony, Spencer & Kensie went to a dinner/reception for the recipients and the rest of the Chaffin gang along with Nanny and GrandBob went to The Cheesecake Factory. After our yummy dinner, we went back to Spencer's and again crashed. Saturday came and was party day! We set up the venue and did a little decorating and then came back and celebrated that evening!

Liv and I

Kensie and I
The AWESOME cupcakes! We decorated each table with the Law Books, Gavel and Personalized M&M's.
I apologize I didn't take many pictures, but you get the idea! It was top notch and the food was great, but the best part was the fellowship!

The next day, Mother's Day, was also Graduation Day! We all met for the ceremony and it was so special!

All the family that attended.
So proud of you Spencer!

Silly Boys!

Proud Parents!
After graduation, we all went our ways and headed back home. I was so excited to see this sign:

We are so very blessed, and had an amazing time on vacation, celebrating Spencer's Graduation and seeing family! This concludes my vacation segment of blogging and tomorrow I'll share with you Olevia's graduation, which was the next weekend.

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