Wednesday, March 21, 2012


For many years now, at least 8, I have randomly made cakes for certain people and/or occasions. I am in NO way a's just something I really enjoy doing. I haven't had any training, or classes, I just picked a decorating tip one day and haven't looked back. I really enjoy experimenting and having full creativity over something...those always turn out to be my favorite cakes!

This past weekend, I made a golf cake for GrandBob (Matt's grandfather) and thought I would share it with you, and then I though I would share a few different ones from the past.

Carrot Cake Golf Ball - Italian Cream base

These "lingerie" cakes started from one of my roomates in college wanting the same cake at her Bachelorette Party that Jessica Simpson had. So, I googled it and thought, "I can make that" and so came the lingerie cake. I don't have a picture of the first one I made, but here is a couple since then:

Katie and I with her lingerie cake (many years ago).
Lingerie cake for my sister's shower.

Here are a few random cakes:

I made this when I lived in Austin...just because.
Happy Turkey Day Cupcakes!
Happy 18th Birthday to my Sis-in-Law.
Cupcake Tower for my lil C-ster.

Front of Cupcake Tower.
Mario Birthday cake I did for a little boy.
The Davidson's cub themed shower cake.
Cake made to look like a Cherry Pie for a "Sweetie Pie" baby shower.
Cake for ACPA's Storm - I think it was for winning a tournament.
Close up of basketball - this was my first Fondant cake.
Grooms Cake for Uncle Lee.

Lemon Petite Fore's for Lee & Linda's Wedding.

Italian Cream Cake for Linda's Wedding Cake.
This couple wanted cupcakes for their wedding cake. They turned out cute!

So, next time you bake a cake, go a little extra step and get never know what you might end up with! Happy Baking!

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