Thursday, March 22, 2012

Flower Bed (To Be Continued)

Matt and I are not much of yard work people...Matt because his schedule doesn't easily allow it and my excuse - I'm allergic to all kinds of grasses and weeds. I used to love mowing yards for other people, and then one day BOOM! Not so much anymore! So, at our 'Lil Place there is a patch of grass/weeds between the sidewalk to our side door and the side of the house that is just kinda...blah:

Blah spot! =)
It's just small enough it aggravates you to have to mow it, but too big to just leave it. So, I had the GENIUS idea to create a flower bed here! I can try my green thumb, plus it would look a lot better than what it does now. When I get an idea I want instant gratification...I want to do it right then and see the results immediately. This idea was on Saturday, I ran it by my Matt and he said I could do it! (He rarely tells me no...he's the best!) So I want to instantly start pulling weeds and raking, but the voice of reason said to wait until he got off on Monday and we would do it together (1...2...3...AWW!) So, I waited and when he got home from a hard day of work, I put him to work again. And then it looked like this:

First, a better BEFORE picture. already looks better!
So, I had started my research that involved a lot of GOOGLE-ing! I had some ideas and was given my budget and I was going to town to get flowers the next day! So when I woke up I heard rain. I thought I would check on my little dirt patch, because before it would collect water there and I thought clearing it out would help the drainage. I was wrong...

Our mud puddle.

The deep end of our mud puddle.
Nothing I read on GOOGLE said anything about plants liking to swim! So, back to the drawing board. A discussion between Daddy-O and the Hubster and we are getting gutters! The conclusion is that it is just run off from the roof. So, once we get the gutters up, this project will continue! In the meantime...patience is an excellent virtue to practice! =)

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  1. build it up with garden soil sloping away from the house. mulch after planting...lots of mulch, will hold it in place and prevent having to water so often. gonna look spectacular!