Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY: Address Book

I have always loved being organized, but if you walked in my house right now you probably couldn't tell that! So, I'm working on it. In the process of trying to de-clutter I have run across our address lists (yes, lists...not a book). Since Matt and I have been married, I have kept a printed copy of my friends and family addresses from our wedding and a hand written copy of his friends and family addresses. I've decided it's time to compile these into an address book (22 months later). During those 22 months I have looked several places for an address book and just couldn't find one I loved. So....I made one!

I purchased a Composition Book from Wal-Mart last week for less than $3.00. I decided on a black and white color scheme so I gathered scrapbook paper, tape runners, my paper cutter and some ribbon. 


I designed the front cover on Publisher.

I printed off the Front Cover Label and Letter Labels.
Once I printed out the labels I needed, I cut them out and set them aside. I selected the paper I wanted to use for the front and back of the book and cut it to size and attached it with my 2 sided tape runners.

The paper and also label for the front of the book. I added black brads to the label for embellishment.

I did 2 separate pieces for the back.

And then hid the seem with some paper border I had.

Once I had the front and back decorated how I liked it, I needed a way to keep the book closed. I went to my ribbon stash and found some black ribbon and hot glued it around the book, leaving extra on each end to tie a bow.
Ribbon I decided to use to close the book.

After I glued the ribbon to the book. 
I also sealed the ends of the ribbon so they wouldn't unravel (I used a lighter, because that was all I could find right off). Next, I just needed to put in my Alphabet Labels for the addresses.

These are the letters I cut out earlier and set aside.
 I just took the letter, put a piece of clear tape across and taped it down to the page, starting at the top with "A" and working my way down. The spacing worked out just about perfect! I put the "A" on the first page, skipped 3 pages, put the "B", skipped 3 pages and so on...once I got to "Y" I realized I only had 3 pages left, so I only left 1 page each for "Y" and "Z". Which is fine with me, we don't have many names for those letters.

After I attached the Alphabet Letter Labels.
The finished product!
I'm pleased with how this turned out, and it was super simple! Just a little time and patience and you can have one too! I have saved the publisher file and would be happy to share it with you if you would like to make your own address book. Just leave me a comment if you would like it with your e-mail address and I will e-mail you the PDF copy. Now, it's time to transfer all of those addresses (I suggest using pencil too, they tend to change often)!


  1. Great idea and Super Cute!

  2. Could you send me the publisher file?