Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY: Any Occasion Cards

In today's society it is common to get e-mails, Facebook comments/messages and text messages. What's unusual is to get "snail mail" as they say. I personally love to get mail! I have tried lately to make an effort to send notes to friends and family. Just small hello's, pictures, just a little something to let them know they are thought of. Going and buying cards can get a bit expensive, and unless it's on my shopping list, they don't tend to make it home with me. So, on one of my expeditions to Hobby Lobby, I bought some of the Paper Studio blank cards and envelopes to have on hand (hurry and go before Sunday and they are 50% off this week)! With a little creativity, scrapbook paper, stamps and ink and embellishments you can make some really cute cards for relatively inexpensive.

Here are some cards I have made recently:

Card I sent with pictures to my C-ster.

Card I sent with pictures to my other C-ster.

Hers & His cards of encouragement for some friends of ours.

These cards are so simple to make, and don't take any time! I used various scrapbook papers, paper frill borders and brads or stick on embellishments. I used a cross stamp that I have on all of the above cards. You can dress it up and go over the top, or you can stick to plain and simple.

Here are some cards I just made today:

You'll need scrapbook paper, paper trimmer, tape runner and embellishments.

Supplies for Baby Shower Card.
I chose the paper I wanted for the background and cut it to the same size as the card 5" x 7". I attached that paper to the front of the card. I then took the glittery silver paper and cut it to size. I used my paper punch to round the corners. I used a flower punch I had and made the white flowers and wrote the letters B-E-N-T-L-E-Y (baby's name) on them. I used my tape runner to attach the silver glitter paper, and a pink ribbon across that. I then attached the flower letters and in about 5 minutes I had a card!
I decided to use the same theme as the invite I received. (Katie, if you read this act like you've never seen this on Saturday!) =)
Then I made a generic card just to show another example. This card and envelope is made to look like craft paper. I had some brads that have screw heads on them and it made me think of a new home (card board boxes and hanging things everywhere). I didn't have a stamp, so I got on Publisher and created a design for the front. I printed it on white card stock, cut it to size, and clipped the corners. I then mounted it on navy card stock, cut it to size and clipped the corners. I cut a white piece of card stock just smaller than the card front and used the brads in the four corners. I taped the "Home Sweet Home" to the white card stock and attached it to the front of the card.


If you get in the card making routine, just make a lot of generic cards - Birthday's, Anniversary's, etc. and have them on hand for the next occasion. Or you can make them as you need them. Hope you find this helpful!

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